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Warsztat szlifowania angielszczyzny – podsumowanie

Posted by on Lis 22, 2014 in English, Warsztaty | 0 comments

W ubiegły wtorek, 18 listopada 2014, mieliśmy niepowtarzalną okazję wziąć udział w Warsztatach Szlifowania Angielszczyzny, czyli “Polish Your English”. Warsztaty zorganizowane przez Magdę Czarnecką, z dużą dawką zarówno profesjonalizmu jak i humoru poprowadził Tomek Wiśniowski. Tematem przewodnim owych Warsztatów był najczęściej pojawiający się w języku angielskim dźwięk ‘schwa’. Myślę, i chyba każdy się ze mna zgodzi, że po tym spotkaniu...

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English meeting „you never get what you expect!”

Posted by on Lis 8, 2014 in English | 0 comments

On 28th October 2014 Polish Your Polish (PYP) went English in discussing: you never get what you expect! Fellow Toastmasters from Berkeley Square Speakers (BSS), Grosvenor Square Speakers (GSS), Imperial College Speakers (ICS) joined us in this fun event sharing their expertise ns sense of humour. Magda Czarnecka, our Vice President Education, and Marc Lottig, Area 52 Governor, were the Toastmasters for the evening. Two personalities, two...

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Evaluation Masterclass with Lynne Cantor, UK and Ireland Evaluation Champion (2012)

Posted by on Lut 18, 2013 in English, Warsztaty, Wydarzenia | 0 comments

The workshop, is an absolute must if you’re thinking of entering the upcoming Evaluation contest in your club. Lynne will be sharing her proven methods of evaluation and in her own words, „how to help make a speaker a better speaker”. Lynne is experienced at delivering workshops and keen to pass on her knowledge. Just 2 years ago Lynne was still reading from bits of paper when giving feedback. Her journey took her through...

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Poland in the eyes of Polish and British people

Posted by on Paź 17, 2010 in English | 0 comments

Polish Your Polish – Toastmasters meeting There are a lot of Polish people in the UK. Some of them are here for a short period of time and some plan to stay, considering this country as their new home. We make friends, integrate with local communities and slowly break stereotypes about our nation. As a result more and more British people go to visit Poland encouraged by their new friends. What do they think about Poland? What do they have to...

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The art of storytelling

Posted by on 14 maja, 2010 in English | 0 comments

„Mummy, will you tell me a story?” „Yes, dear. What do you want to hear today?” „The one where you become a scary dragon, then yell and whisper, and even turn the light off and on”.   Everyone appreciates a good story. Narrative has always existed: in every society, at all ages, and at every level of technological sophistication. Stories have their place both in a child’s bedroom before going...

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Learn to speak on Television: Jan 26, 2010

Posted by on Sty 14, 2010 in English | 0 comments

If you want to make impact in others’ lives, speaking on television will be an extremely useful skill. Whether you want to promote your cause or company, you want to understand why politicians are effective, or you are dying to be on the newest edition of Big Brother, you’ll find this event fascinating. Join Polish Your Polish in London to explore this angle on public speaking in detail—during our meeting in English. During this event, your...

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