The art of storytelling

„Mummy, will you tell me a story?”
„Yes, dear. What do you want to hear today?”
„The one where you become a scary dragon, then yell and whisper, and even turn the light off and on”.
Everyone appreciates a good story. Narrative has always existed: in every society, at all ages, and at every level of technological sophistication. Stories have their place both in a child’s bedroom before going „nighty night”, and in the corporate boardroom when raising funding for a new investment project. Stories don’t require Powerpoint or statistics to be effective, because they communicate on a level everyone understands. The best told story has the most impact, making storytelling skills very valuable.
Our public speaking skills form a great foundation for memorable storytelling. Many of the skills we practice as public speakers can easily be appropriated into the ability to spin a good yarn. Join Polish Your Polish, as we explore this medium together–in English.
Where: Ognisko Polskie, 55 Exhibition Road, SW7 2PN, South Kensington tube
When: 25th May, 19.15.
Cost: Free
More Information: https://www.polishyourpolish.org.uk/english/

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