Learn to speak on Television: Jan 26, 2010

If you want to make impact in others’ lives, speaking on television will be an extremely useful skill. Whether you want to promote your cause or company, you want to understand why politicians are effective, or you are dying to be on the newest edition of Big Brother, you’ll find this event fascinating. Join Polish Your Polish in London to explore this angle on public speaking in detail—during our meeting in English.

During this event, your inner narcissist will enjoy an opportunity to:

  • listen to speaking tips from Orin Gordon, a BBC-trained media coach who regularly prepares major CEOs for impromptu question sessions on television and radio
  • learn a boatload from feedback given by top speakers from English Toastmasters clubs across London
  • Pick up tips regarding this key skill, as we explore a very practical application of public speaking together!

Knowing how to present yourself, how to engage your audience, and how to make your point—all skills which we practice at our regular meetings—become enormously important when you have the attention of millions. Join us to learn how TV provides an opportunity to change other people’s lives, and make sure your message is communicated effectively!

Meeting details

When: January 26, 2010 traditionally 19:15 for a 19:30 start

Where: Ognisko Polskie

2nd floor

55 Exhibition Road

London, SW7 2PN


Who: YOU!

Cost: Free

Language: the meeting will be conducted in English

About Polish Your Polish

Polish Your Polish in London is the UK’s premiere Polish-language public speaking club. A part of Toastmasters International, the international non-profit public speaking organisation founded in 1924, Polish Your Polish can help you learn to persuade, entertain, inform, or inspire in any setting. This meeting will be conducted according to the Toastmasters educational programme, which provides a systematic framework of customized feedback, to help you master communication skills, e.g. the advanced manual “communicating on television”.

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