English meeting „you never get what you expect!”

On 28th October 2014 Polish Your Polish (PYP) went English in discussing: you never get what you expect! Fellow Toastmasters from Berkeley Square Speakers (BSS), Grosvenor Square Speakers (GSS), Imperial College Speakers (ICS) joined us in this fun event sharing their expertise ns sense of humour. Magda Czarnecka, our Vice President Education, and Marc Lottig, Area 52 Governor, were the Toastmasters for the evening. Two personalities, two styles but one superb performance, which was a tribute to the fact that Toastmasters can learn how to work with others effectively and efficiently. Julia Kettlewell, the GSS President was the general evaluator for the evening and Lina Bherens was the Table Topics Evaluator. Both provided useful feedback to all speakers. Gosia Gorna, the PYP Founder, was in her element when she was asking thought provoking table topics and receiving unexpected answers. Marcel Admiraal, the ICS president, shone as the Grammarian of the evening and we will remember his eloquent explanations about articles, adjectives and the use of active voice. Marcin Tolysz provided succinct timekeeper reports, Kuba Plis had his club debut as the ballot counter, and Szymon, our Vice President Membership, warmly welcomed all guests (and took these great photographs).

The evening hosted four speeches – all very different and interesting. Filip Nowaczynski broke the ice with his speech: the mirror, which was evaluated by Kathleen Brady. Monika Kraska completed speech project 6 and told us about her mother’s voice. David Salamons provided the evaluation. Andrew Stead’s speech from the advanced manual was abundant with adjectives and was evaluated by Grzes Krasnodebski. Annabelle Carmichael, the winner of Area 52 and finalist of the division B in humorous speeches entertained us with her account of the Funeral Excellence Convention. Her speech was evaluated by Maciej Wronski.
The audience voted for Filip as the best speaker, Kathleen as the best evaluator and David as the best table topics speaker.
The lovely evening continued in Ognisko where further evaluating and networking was taking place. Contrary to the meeting theme, we all got what we expected: an enjoyable and fun evening with lots to take in! We look forward to more!


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