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Lynne Cantor- Uk and Ireland Evaluation Champion

Are you thinking of entering the International Evaluation contest in March?
Lynne Cantor will be sharing her secrets of excellent evaluations during this workshop.

Lynne Cantor is the current (2012) UK and Ireland Evaluation Champion, having also won the London finals twice. Experienced in delivering workshops, she is keen to pass on her knowledge on to how to deliver great evaluations. Just 2 years ago Lynne was still reading from bits of paper when giving feedback. Her journey took her through abandoning the notes, improving her memory and at the same time developing her own winning style. On this workshop discover her tips and tricks and learn how to excel at evaluation contests.

Tickets are £5.95.

Please book your place through eventbrite:


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Brilliant Communications skills with Richard Fallon.

The Brilliant Communication Skills of Highly
Successful People

In your professional life the quality of connection you maintain with the people you interact with is of the utmost importance. It doesn’t matter if it is with your clients, members of your team, line managers or external stakeholders, how you come across on a day-to-day basis has a very significant impact on the recognition, credibility and success you will achieve in your career. And, sadly, there are many folk, who while technically very proficient in their role, hit a glass ceiling that they can never break through. Because, in a nutshell, they haven’t yet tapped into the brilliant communication skills that are second nature to highlysuccessful people. And yet, there they are, just waiting to be discovered.

Workshop Outline

This 90-minute, fun-packed, hands-on workshop is back by popular demand! It is an extended version of the one Richard facilitated at the Division B Speech Contest in October of last year. In it you will learn why getting your message across and being heard is sometimes so difficult, along with exploring how hugely influential nonverbal communication is in all of our interactions, for better and for worse. Youwill identify the centred, and grounded physical and vocal resource state within you that will see you through the challenging communication times. As well as, learning to recognise key behaviours we all assume, and skilfully adapting to the same ones our audience use in order to positively influence and win them over

Richard Fallon

Richard is a dynamic, creative, and highly inspirational voice and communication skills trainer and coach who utilises a unique skills set and approach to enable clients to communicate more effectively in their professional lives, winning them greater recognition, success and increased income.

Partner at the innovative communication skills consultancy, Communicate Now, Richard’s work has won plaudits from a range of highly satisfied clients within the private and public sectors, both
nationally and internationally. The key to his success is his extraordinary ability to connect with the people in the room, delivering captivating, insightful trainings and coaching sessions that respond
precisely to their needs.

Richard’s background as a trained actor contributes very significantly to his
profound understanding of what it takes to stand out and shine when delivering your message in the public spotlight. Richard is the co-creator of the BOLDTALK! Presentation System.

If you want to attend this fantastic workshop, please buy your ticket here:

Spotkanie Klubu - zapowiedź

Pokochaj scene… czyli Walentynki w Polish Your Polish

Walentynkowe spotkanie klubu Polish Your Polish!

W goracej atmosferze,zglebi serca bedziemy :
1. zachecac do pokochania sceny, „tudziez …topic lody na scenie”
2. podejmowac nowe wyzwania,
3. rozbawiac do lez i… prowokowac do czerwonosci.

Zachecamy do ubrania czegos w kolorze CZERWONYM, moze nam to pomoc:
1. wzmocnic swoja pewnosc siebie podczas wystepu przed grupa osób
2. myslec szybko i sprawnie pod presja czasu
3. sluchac aktywnie i myslec krytycznie.
Zapraszamy do stworzenia razem z Polish Your Polish prawdziwie WALENTYNKOWEJ atmosfery!

12 lutego 2013 7:15pm